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When do you need a Russian language coach?

‘Russian for Singers’ Diction scores, audio and video tutorials are designed to allow you to do lots of work on your Russian on your own. This independent preparation work can save singers lots of money.

However, there are situations when in addition to that some help from a professional language coach is needed.

  • If this is your very first time singing in Russian and you’d like to check that you are getting the sounds right;

  • If you are preparing for an important performance, competition or audition;

  • If you know that Russian native speakers may be present at your performance;

  • If you are short on time and need to master your Russian songs fast;

  • If you are preparing a whole role or a big program in Russian;

  • If you find it difficult to connect the poetry with the music or understand the meaning of the poem in general;

  • If you’d like to get a deeper understanding of the cultural and historical background behind the pieces and characters;

  • If you'd like to learn some Russian repertoire, but you are not sure where to start and which songs and arias would suit your voice and your goals or

  • If you feel that sometimes you need a bit of motivation and a firm schedule to get things done.

you would benefit from getting some private coaching.

If at least one of these reasons apply to you, you can book your Russian diction coaching session and get individual coaching.

During the sessions, we can

- go over the basics of Russian lyric diction;

- work on Russian opera arias and art songs of your choice;

- discuss the historical and cultural background of these pieces;

- work on the character and song interpretation;

- discuss any other questions that you might have.

To book a session, please fill out the form on our web site

Or send us an email to

Our 25% Discount program ends soon! Special COVID prices are valid only till September 30th. Email us now to make sure that you take advantage of this offer (time slots are limited).

Also, if you need help choosing appropriate repertoire, please do not hesitate to email me. I provide repertoire advice free of charge or any obligations.

Want to know what our clients say about their experience with "Russian for Singers"? Visit our Testimonials page!


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