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Russian Songs and Arias by Sergei Rachmaninoff

Diction scores, diction audio tutorials and rehearsal tracks for Rachmaninoff's opera arias and art songs

DICTION SCORES - Diction scores include sheet music with IPA phonetics, literal (word-for-word) translation and grammatically correct translations all incorporated into one score

FULL SONG PACKS (Recommended) Diction score (sheet music with IPA phonetics and translations), Diction audio guide recorded by a Russian native speaker, Music coaching audio guide (Voice line + piano line), Rehearsal backing track (Piano line only) 

KEYS - All our scores are TRANSPOSABLE. If you need a different key or if you cannot find the song you are looking for, please send us a request by email: and we will prepare it for you

OTHER USEFUL INFORMATION: Each song's description contains information on its range and links to recordings.

Rachmaninoff's Operas

Rachmaninoff's Art Songs

Rachmaninoff's Most Popular Songs and Arias

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