Our Testimonials

Katherine Allen, Soprano

My two sessions with Natalia were incredibly helpful! She clearly explained the basics of Russian diction and phonetics, which gave me the important tools needed to learn my pieces. I was given the music with the Russian, an English translation, AND the phonetics! It was so valuable to sound out the language with her and to really get a grip on the basic sounds of the Russian language. I would highly recommend Natalia's diction coaching to anyone learning to sing in Russian"

Andrea Quaglia.jpg

Andrea Quaglia, Soprano

Before discovering this program I found the idea of singing in Russian rather daunting! I was surprised at how easy it was to master with the expert guidance and support of a native Russian speaker who is also a professional singer and teacher.

After only a few coaching sessions with Natalia, I was able to perform two songs at a concert attended by Russians who complimented my diction!

I would highly recommend Russian for Singers for anyone who would like to give singing in Russian a try, whether you're just starting out, or want to take it to a professional level.

Thanks, Natalia for your encouragement and enthusiasm - you are excellent at what you do!

Here is what our beautiful singers say...

Jeremy Boulton.jpg

Jeremy Boulton, Baritone

Natalia is an expert Russian diction coach. There is nothing like having a native speaker in your corner to navigate the challenging and demanding repertoire of Tchaikovsky and others. I will continue to consult Natalia in the future when I encounter more Russian repertoire, no matter where I am in the world.

Suzi Stengel, Lyric Soprano

I have experienced working with several language coaches over the years, but none as organized and thorough as Natalia Melnik.  Her passion for Russian music is contagious and her dedication to sharing this music is evidenced in how much research and preparation goes into each piece you work with her.  As a diction coach she is both patient and gracious, but as a musician she understands the execution of language on a much deeper level.   
I highly recommend you find an excuse to work on a Russian song just so that you can have an opportunity to work with her.  

Natali Bogosian.jpg

Natali Bogosian, Mezzo-Soprano

I'm an opera singer and I needed the full song pack of this aria, which they prepared in such a short time. It is GORGEOUS! Both the mp3 files - including accompaniment and spoken pronunciation - and the sheet music with transliteration and translation are perfect! The full pack totally prepared me and when I sang it to my Russian vocal coach, she was really amazed! And I must say that their service is really reasonable for this quality! I'll ask for more! Thank you soooo much.

Ian Warwick (Baritone)

Natalia Melnik is a wealth of knowledge on Russian language, culture and classical Russian music. It was a great privilege being able to work with her in preparation for our most recent Russian concert at the Sydney Conservatorium. Natalia was a great aid in helping me prepare the repertoire I sang, specifically focus on the beauty of Russian soft consonants and sounds that don't of course exist in the English language, foreign to a primarily English speaking singer.

Paul McLeod, Tenor

Every singer owes it to their art to engage with Russian vocal music. Unless you grow up with the language, you really can only do this with the help of a dedicated expert.

The Russian language is widely regarded as difficult to grasp and elusive to perfect. Over the years, I've tried many approaches to my Russian rep, and this is by far the surest, most methodical. I've worked with Specialists in Berlin, Paris and Sydney.
Natalia is without a doubt the standout.

Russian 4 Singers arms you with unique approaches, and many types of learning tools specific to the domain and repertoire. These give you redundant reinforcement of the correct delivery, and provide exceptional clarity whatever mix of learning styles is most effective for you. Natalia's zealous enthusiasm, and patience is a real motivator for the (yes) hard work.

Natalia cares about your success. This service is the 'real deal' and I cannot think of a smarter way to explore this very rewarding territory. With Russian 4 Singers. you'll be best equipped to master some of the most magical vocal artworks with confidence, and attain the crisp, certain delivery modern audiences expect. 

Kira Kless, Audience member

I have attended several Russian for Singers events, including concerts at the Conservatorium of Music and at the St Stephen's Church. I am continuously impressed by the accuracy and clarity of their Russian language.  As a native speaker, I can hear the great care with which Natalia's students pronounce sounds which do not exist in the English language.  Their pronunciation is authentic; their Russian flows effortlessly and only enhances the enjoyment of the piece, never interferes with it.  What is also striking is how well those singers understand each phrase, how they put emphasis on the words that bring out the meaning of a particular musical piece. 

Natalia Melnik, Russian for Singers 

founder and diction coach

It is my great pleasure to help singers all over the world to explore and master Russian opera and art song repertoire. I am always happy to answer questions or provide some repertoire suggestions, so please do not hesitate to contact me.

To book Russian diction coaching please fill out the form on the 'Coaching' page and I will reply to your request shortly.

Thank you!