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Russian songs pronunciation - no more confusion!

Many singers find Russian phonetics really confusing. Partially because of a great variety of approaches used by different authors. Some of them use IPA (which can be modern style or old style), others use transliteration, in some books you can even see Russian phonetics explained through Cyrillic letters, and many authors also introduce additional symbols of their own. In the table below we have listed all symbols used just for Russian vowels in different sources. No wonder that after looking through 2-3 books, all with different symbols, singers are left lost and desperate to ever be able to understand this. This is when a language coach needs to come in to - explain these different approaches to phonetics - help the singer to pick one and stick to it - demonstrate and help to master a few tricky sounds - or simply help the singer to get the pronunciation right in just one particular song that he/she wants to learn, without going deep into the phonetics jungle.

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