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Discount program!!!

Dear Singers and Singing Teachers!

In this difficult time when so many of us are locked at home with our jobs cancelled, we are offering a 25% discount for all the scores across our 'Russian for Singers' web site

Let's say 'No' to the virus with the promo code "Virusu-Net!" and do our best to use this time for further professional growth.

The promo code is valid till April 18th 2020.

Please SUBSCRIBE to our mailing list and YouTube channel

'Russian for Singers' project aims to make Russian vocal music accessible for singers all over the world with 🎶 unique DICTION SCORES with phonetics, word for word and grammatically correct translation 🎶 free VIDEO DICTION GUIDES for each song 🎶 free RUSSIAN DICTION TUTORIAL 🎶 a BLOG about Russian vocal music and more...

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