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One very special song inspired by the first human in Space...

On the 12th of April 1961 Yury Gagarin became the first human in Space.

It inspired a number of songs dedicated to aviation and Space exploration.

Listen to one of the most beautiful of them - "Nezhnost'" ("Tenderness") - composed by Alexandra Pakhmutova and performed by Maya Kristalinskaya. This song was reportedly one of the favourites of Gagarin himself and also has a very special place in the hearts of cosmonauts, pilots and their families.

This is a song of a pilot's wife who is waiting for him to return from his flight. It is full of love and contained worry:

"The Earth has emptied without you, How do I survive next few hours? Leaves keep falling in the gardens And taxied keep rushing their ways, But it feels so empty alone On the Earth without you, While you're flying and the stars Grant you with their tenderness..."

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