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"Alexander Nevsky" - Cantata and Film

Sergey Prokofiev commissioned his cantata "Alexander Nevsky" in 1939 based on the music he wrote for S.Eisenstein's iconic film "Alexander Nevsky" (1938).

The film and Cantata describe the invasion of Teutonic Knights in 1242 and Alexander's leading role in the Victory in this war. Prokofiev and Eisenstein worked in very close collaboration while creating the film and its soundtrack.

Apart from the striking musical contrast between the Russian and the Knights' themes, to make the clash of two forces even more dramatic, Prokofiev used two languages - Russian and Latin (for the Crusaders' theme). This is why two of the seven movements in the Cantata are in Latin, and the rest is in Russian.

Please watch the most famous scene of this movie describing the legendary Battle on the Ice:

The scale of this footage is just unbelievable considering that there were no computer technologies at that time, and the power of this music is overwhelming.

You can watch the full version of this film with English subtitles on YouTube:

Please join us at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music for the rare life performance of this breath taking piece this Friday, June 1st at 6:30 pm or Saturday, June 2nd at 2 pm.

Book your tickets at:

Or purchase at the Conservatorium before the concerts.

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