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Tchaikovsky "Lensky's Arioso" from "Eugene Onegin" "Ya lyublyu vas..." / "Ya lublu vas..."
Roles: Lensky (Tenor), Olga (Mezzo-Soprano)



- 2 Diction scores (sheet music with IPA phonetics and translations). For this arioso, we provide the full version with Olga's part and also the cut concert version without Olga's part.

- Diction audio guides - slow syllabic reading of the text for every part by a native speaker

- 5 computer-generated rehearsal tracks:

      - full song audio

      - music minus Olga

      - music minus Lensky

      - accompaniment

      - accompaniment for the cut version without Olga



Here you can find recordings of this scene:


Sergey Lemeshev



A quick and comprehensive tutorial on Russian phonetics:


You can listen to the full opera here:


Mariinsky Theatre (2015)


Mariinsky Theatre (1984)


Film-opera (1960)


The Bolshoi Theatre (1955)

Tchaikovsky "Lensky's Arioso" - FULL PACK

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