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P.I.Tchaikovsky Herman's Solo from "Storm Scene" (“Poluchish smertel’nyj udar ty…”)

from "The Queen of Spades" ("Pique Dame") act 1


Diction score - sheet music with IPA phonetics, word-by-word translation and grammatically correct translations


Here you can find recordings of this song by:


Vladimir Atlantov


Fragment from Film-opera (1960)

Acting - Oleg Strizhenov

Singing - Zurab Andzhaparidze




A quick and comprehensive tutorial on Russian phonetics:


Recordings of the full opera are available here:

You can listen to the full opera here:


Mariinsky Theatre (2015)


Film-opera (1960)


The Bolshoi Theatre (1982)

Tchaikovsky Herman's Solo from "Storm Scene" - DICTION SCORE

  • Tchaikovsky

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