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Tchaikovsky "Duet of Lisa and Polina" (Act 1) "Uzh vecher" from "Queen of Spades"

Roles: Lisa (Soprano), Polina (Paulina) (Mezzo-Soprano / Contralto)



- Diction score (sheet music with IPA phonetics and translations),

- Diction audio guide

- 4  computer-generated rehearsal tracks:

      - full song audio

      - accompaniment

      - music minus Lisa

      - music minus Polina


Please note that in performance practice

*) the second verse of this duet is often cut

**) the final cadence is most often performed differently from the original score (please see the notes in our file)


You can watch a VIDEO DICTION GUIDE for this aria here:


Here you can find recordings of this scene:


Tamara Milashkina & Lyudmila Shemchuk (2 verses)


Tamara Milashkina & Irina Arkhipova (3 verses)


Asmik Grigorian and Olga Borodina (3 verses)


Maria Gulegina and Olga Borodina (2 verses)




A quick and comprehensive tutorial on Russian phonetics:



You can listen to the full opera here:


Mariinsky Theatre (2015)


Film-opera (1960)


The Bolshoi Theatre (1982)

Tchaikovsky "Duet of Lisa and Polina" - FULL PACK

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