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Tchaikovsky Серенада Дон Жуана / Serenada Don Juana / Don Juan's Serenade  Op.38 N1  

Poem by A.K.Tolstoy

Higher key D minor



- 2 Diction scores (sheet music with IPA phonetics and translations) - with voice line in Treble clef and in Bass clef

- Diction audio guide,

- Music coaching audio guide (Voice line + piano line),

- Rehearsal backing track (Piano line only)

All our scores are TRANSPOSABLE. If you need a different key, please send us a request by email:



A quick and comprehensive tutorial on Russian phonetics:


Here you can find recordings of this song (this art song is typically performed by male singers, however female singers also perform it on some occasions):


Sergey Lemeshev (Tenor)


Nicolai Gedda (tenor)


Valery Egudin (tenor)


Dmitri Hvorostovsky (Baritone)


Pavel Lisitsyan (Baritone)


Vasily Ladyuk (Baritone)


Georg Ots (Baritone)


Vladimir Politkovsky (Baritone)


Panteleimon Nortsov (Baritone)


Leonid Ekimov (Baritone)


Ildar Abdrazakov (Bass)


Boris Gmyrya (Bass)


Evgeniy Nesterenko (Bass)


Boris Christoff (Bass)


Lyubov Kazarnovskaya (Soprano)


Tchaikovsky "Don Juan's Serenade" Op.38 N1 Higher key Dmin - FULL PACK

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