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Rachmaninoff. Арион / Arion / Arion

Op. 34 No 5

Poem by Alexander Pushkin

Lower key C minor


Diction score - sheet music with IPA phonetics, word-by-word and grammatically correct translations

For this key we have included 2 Diction scores - with voice line in Treble clef and in Bass clef.

All our scores are TRANSPOSABLE. If you need a different key, please send us a request by email:



A quick and comprehensive tutorial on Russian phonetics:


Here you can find recordings of this song by:

Elisabeth Soderstrom (Soprano), Vladimir Ashkenazy (piano)
Sergey Nikolaev (Tenor), Danil Sokolov (piano) (this song starts at 02:37 of the recording)
Dmitry Voropaev (Tenor), Anna Cantor (piano)
Sergey Pilipetskiy (Tenor), Olga Yukhno (piano)


S.Rachmaninoff "Arion" Op.34 N5 Lower key Cmin - DICTION SCORE

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