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N. Rimsky-Korsakov Duet of Snow Maiden and Mizgir’ from “The Snow Maiden” Act IV “Postoj, postoj, Snegurochka…”




- Diction score (sheet music with IPA phonetics and translations),

- Diction audio guides - slow syllabic reading of the text for every part by a native speaker

- 4 computer-generated rehearsal tracks:

      - full song audio

      - accompaniment

      - music minus Snow Maiden

      - music minus Mizgir'




A quick and comprehensive tutorial on Russian phonetics:


Here you can find recordings of this scene by: 

The Bolshoi Theatre (1987)


The Bolshoi Theatre orchestra and soloists (1992)


The Bolshoi Theatre (around 2020)


Elizaveta Shumskaya (Snow Maiden) and Pavel Lisitsyan (Mizgir')



You can listen to the full opera here:

The Bolshoi Theatre (1957) - this scene starts at 44:25' and ends at 48:08'

Rimsky-Korsakov Duet of Snow Maiden and Mizgir’ Act 4 - FULL PACK

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