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Tchaikovsky "Duel Scene" (Scene 18) from "Eugene Onegin".
Roles: Onegin (Baritone), Lensky (Tenor), Zaretsky (Bass), Guillot (silent role)


Diction score - sheet music with IPA phonetics, word-by-word translation and grammatically correct translations


You can watch a VIDEO DICTION GUIDE for this aria here:

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Here you can find recordings of this scene:


Sergey Lemeshev (Lensky) and Evgeniy Belov (Onegin) (OPF, 1961)




A quick and comprehensive tutorial on Russian phonetics:


You can listen to the full opera here:


Mariinsky Theatre (2015)


Mariinsky Theatre (1984)


Film-opera (1960)


The Bolshoi Theatre (1955)

Tchaikovsky "Duel Scene" - DICTION SCORE

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