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S.Rachmaninoff. "How Fair Is The Spot" (Op. 21 N7, 1902)

“After his marriage to Natasha Satina, Rachmaninoff spent the summers at their country home of Ivanovka, where he worked outdoors, amid the spacious and quiet fields. More than thirty of his songs were written at Ivanovka. These songs develop in poetic convoys of thought on the passage of time, loss and sorrow mellowed by peaceful images of nature.” (Challis. (1989). The Singer’s Rachmaninoff. New York: Pelion Press, p. 40).

“How Fair Is The Spot” is one of them.

In the literature it is often referred to as a lovely song about admiring the peaceful nature (Michelson. (2003). I. Music and Poetic Word: The Romances of Sergei Rachmaninoff). Also, Rachmaninoff got criticized for choosing this poem by G.Galina which seems to be too simple and far below the level of Rachmaninoff’s music. However, together with his music it discovers philosophical depth and a whole range of emotions for performers to interpret.

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Here you can find recording of this song by:

Anna Netrebko

Antonina Nezhdanova (Recorded in 1914)

Aida Garifullina (second piece on the recording at 2'13'')

Tamara Sinyavskaya

Veronica Dzhioeva

Dmitri Hvorostovsky

Nicolai Gedda

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